About Rothner Estates


This is one of the largest and most beautiful projects going up anywhere, and is situated in Kiryat Malachi, only a 30-minute drive from the Dan Region and 40 minutes from Jerusalem.

Rothner Estates is going to be an entirely new area of the city, a large and well-planned neighborhood that looks to the future by integrating a variety of housing options with green spaces and public buildings.
The 3,000 housing units will be built to an exceptionally high standard by a well-known, reliable construction company with many years of experience and thousands of apartments under its belt.

The planning scheme is based on a linear axis that connects two focal points in the neighborhood with the existing infrastructure of the city’s Ben-Gurion Street. This axis will cross another pedestrian axis that is rooted in the green area of the existing city, allowing pedestrian access between all the public focal points along its length, both within the neighborhood and within the existing city.

The neighborhoods urban center will be situated where these two arteries cross; it will contain designated public space characterized by a combination of residences, public activity and commercial activity. From this meeting point there will be rings radiating outward that will delineate descending levels of public space, gradually moving from the central neighborhood -public square area through green spaces and local pockets of public space, continuing to the purely private residential areas.

The neighborhood includes a wide variety of housing options, and is suited both to young couples and larger families looking for more space.
In the northern section of Rothner Estates, near the roads connecting it to the city, there will be a section called Ohr Etzion, luxurious, well-designed building with high-quality finishings, rich technical specifications and lovely landscaping. These buildings are slated for graduates of the Ohr Etzion Yeshiva, headed by Rabbi Haim Druckman, shlita. There will be easy access from the neighborhood to schools, kindergartens and community services.

Project Description:  Each building has six stories and is divided into two wings, with three apartments on each floor, well-designed facades that face the view and private green areas for each building as well as public parks for neighborhood residents.

The Apartments: Choose from 3, 4 and 5 room apartments.

Additions: Every apartment has a sun balcony, a sukka balcony and an en suite parents’ room. There is an option to purchase storerooms and parking spaces.
Technical Specifications: Uncompromising quality: There’s a magnificent lobby, a Shabbat elevator, and each apartment is richly appointed. Thought has been given to infrastructures that are suited to technological developments and the environment.

Planning: Is being done by one of the largest and most renowned offices in Israel, with 30 years of project planning involving thousands of apartments both in Israel and abroad.

Construction: By a veteran construction firm with an impressive record of thousands of housing units built to a high standard all over the country.