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The New York Yankees won't be the home
team, but the Sheppard and Bayview
neighbourhood is about to take on a
distinctiveNewYork flavour.

Amore expansive subway system is one New
York City trait that would be welcomed here
and Sheppard and Bayview will be a major
stop on our expanding underground transit.
The famous Chrysler Building is a twominute
walk from the subway stop in New
York's beautifully restored Grand Central

Our Chrysler building, which its developers
say is destined to become a landmark, will
also be a two-minute walk from the beautiful
- but new -Sheppard/Bayview subway stop.
"Our" Chrysler building is the first phase of a
$250 million four-tower condominium
project launched last week and called,

The first two 28-storey towers will look quite
similar to that other Chrysler Building and
thus the developers are calling them the

The second two towers will be smaller
replicas of New York's other famous pointed
skyscraper, the Empire State Building.
The four towers, designed by Kirkor
Architects&Planners, will sit on each corner
of a raised podium made up of 36 two-storey